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Nintendo Launches a New Gaming Console


Who would have thought that Nintendo is going to launch a brand new console? And yet, it happened! Named Nintendo Switch aka NX, the new console was announced on Twitter only a few days ago.


Little is known about the console internals. It sure looks like it packs quite a bit of power, judging by the games it is able to run. Well, at least we know that it’s got a 6…7-inch display – that’s what we can estimate from the released images.


NX comes with a dock which can be connected to your TV. Place the console in the dock and you’ll be able to play games on your TV using one of the detachable controllers.


But maybe you’ve got to go to work or school and you simply hate those long commute hours. If this is your case, fear not, for Nintendo has got you covered as well. Simply lift the NX out of the dock and it becomes a portable gaming device.


The console supports several players, and this is great news for gamers who love multiplayer gaming. And with titles like Legend of Zelda and NBA 2K, chances are that this gaming device will be a hit when it launches, at the beginning of 2017.



Microsoft’s Speech Recognition Software Beats Human Accuracy


The software giant has put its powerful speech recognition software to a test, comparing its results with the ones achieved by professional transcriptionists.


The results were shocking: people made more mistakes in comparison with Microsoft’s software, who – apparently – is able to understand context better than humans! The error rate was below 5.9%, the typical rate for professional transcriptionists.


According to Microsoft, the technology will find its place in the company’s gaming console – Xbox, in instant speech-to-text applications and in personal digital assistants such as Cortana.



smrtFOB – The Intelligent Battery Pack


We’re used to seeing intelligent batteries, even though – truth be told – their intelligence isn’t that impressive. Sure, some of them may know how to disconnect from the charger when they are fully charged, with the goal of preserving their life. But that’s pretty much it when it comes to battery intelligence.


Or is it?


SmrtFOB has been recently launched on Kickstarter and it’s already raised 80% of the $100,000 pledged goal from 390 backers. It’s an intelligent battery pack that has an only goal: to keep all your devices alive.


It comes with lots of charging adapters and tracks the battery levels of your smartphone or tablet by making use of a Bluetooth connection.


SmrtFOB has a modular construction, so it can also be turned into a 32GB data bank. And with a price tag of $59, I bet that many people will want to have one.

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